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Property Amenities

Equipment and Resources

  • Community gathering spaces

  • Laundry facilities

Opportunities to Build Community

  • Movie Nights

  • Bingo Nights

  • Holiday and special occasion celebrations

  • Residents who share interests often create their own gatherings such as getting together to crochet

Response to Our Residents' Needs

​As we become aware of our residents' needs, we do everything in our power to meet those needs.  Our residents' well-being and satisfaction are among our top priorities.

  • We found dozens of books in the administrative office at our Maison D'Esprit location. After asking the residents if they would like a library, we transformed a spare room into a private reading space complete with a comfortable chair and ambient lighting.

  • After recognizing that our residents loved getting the newspaper, we placed bags on each of the doors to deliver papers to those who asked for it.

  • We noticed that some of our residents are devout to Mass but were lacking transportation to get there, so we have a priest come by every weekend to celebrate Mass with our tenants.

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